Types of Claims
Physical Injury
Pain / Suffering / Emotional Distress
Therapy / Rehabilitation
Financial Loss
Kernicterus / Hyperbilirubinemia
At Michael J Riccelli PS (MJRPS), we provide aggressive, competent, and caring legal representation to those suffering from serious personal injury, death of a family member, and substantial economic harm, resulting from the negligence of others. Our services are provided on a contingent fee plus costs and expenses basis. Contingent fee representation means that compensation for the investment of time, expertise, and resources in representing claimants is paid only from the actual proceeds recovered on a claim. The proceeds of a claim can be recovered by settlement, or by the award of an arbitrator, judge, or jury. Under appropriate circumstances, representation may be provided on a traditional hourly fee plus expenses basis, or a hybrid mix of hourly fee plus contingency.

MJRPS provides a single, high professional standard of representation to all clients, regardless of the nature and value of their claims. We are a small, but focused firm. We only accept a limited number of clients and their claims. This allows for more attention to each matter, and for more communication with, and participation of our clients, in the claims and litigation process. It takes more than a telephone call to maximize recovery of money damages for our clients. It takes a dedicated team of our professional and para-professional/clerical staff working with our clients to obtain important information, documents, medical records, lay and expert witness testimony, and the like. Our firm has the well deserved reputation of bringing matters to trial if a fair settlement is not offered, and of having success at doing so. We have often obtained jury verdicts of multiples of ten times or more than the best settlement offer made by insurers, before trial. This has allowed us to routinely obtain higher settlement and jury award values for our clients, than are obtained by most other lawyers and law firms. Unfortunately, there are a multitude of lawyers and law firms that claim to be successful personal injury trial lawyers, yet never take matters to trial. Predictably, without the "Big Stick" of risk of a jury trial, their average settlement values for similar claims are not comparable to ours.

Individuals and family members who have suffered injury or harm due to negligence are entitled to fair and reasonable compensation for their injuries and losses. This compensation is referred to as damages or money damages. We have recovered money damages for our many clients ranging in values from tens of thousands of dollars to greater than ten million dollars. We appreciate and value each and every opportunity to review a claim for a potential client. However, we are only able to accept clients whose claims we believe are both legally and economically viable. Legal viability is the ability to bring a claim that has merit under the law, and within the time limits allowed for doing so. Economic viability is our own assessment of: the probability of a positive outcome through settlement or jury trial; the likely range of dollar damages; and the likely range of costs incurred to manage a case through a jury trial and possible appeal to the higher courts. Also considered is the probable time and effort required of both ourselves, and of our clients.

Unfortunately, there is a high cost of preparing any claim. Necessarily, we review the facts and circumstances of each case, individually. Our most important consideration is whether there is a reasonable likelihood a client will recover an amount of money damages, after costs, expenses, and attorney fees, that leaves them with a sense of being fairly compensated. The nature and extent of the investment of time and effort, and out-of-pocket costs required in processing a personal injury claim varies. It is often long, difficult, and at times, unpleasant. It always requires the active participation of our clients. Occasionally, a claim may be prepared quickly and settled directly with one or more insurers. Claims may also be settled through a mediation process, before or concurrent with litigation. Mediation is a process where one person (usually a specially trained attorney), with the agreement of all involved, acts as an intermediary in assisting the parties to resolve their dispute. Some claims must be put into arbitration, according to insurance contract terms. Arbitration is a process where one or more persons (usually a specially trained attorney attorneys) sit as private judges, without a jury, to resolve claims of negligence. However, to maximize recoveries on most claims, a claimants attorney must start litigation by filing a lawsuit in the appropriate court. Once an arbitration or litigation process is started, the "discovery" process begins. This is where parties issue written questions to be answered (interrogatories); request and receive pertinent documents, information, photos, videos, e-mails, social media information, etc.(requests for production); and testify about pertinent facts (in depositions). If a claim is not settled during or after the discovery process, an arbitration or trial is held. Results may or may not be final, and under appropriate circumstances, a party may be able to bring the matter before a higher court. A higher court may confirm the lower court's actions or conclusions, require the lower court to make certain changes, dismiss a lawsuit completely, or require a new trial to be held.

When a client entrusts their claim to our care, we set about developing a strategy that is reasonably designed to maximize their recovery of money damages. Successful strategies are based on the facts and circumstances of each claim; the nature and extent of injury and loss; the personality of each client; and our firm's aggressive, competent, and caring legal representation.

Here, at MJRPS, we are especially proud of the fact that we have never had a client withdraw from our representation out of dissatisfaction with the level, nature, or quality of our services. We attribute this to the small size of our firm; the personal attention we give to each of our clients and their claims; our clients participation in the process; and, the aggressive, competent, and caring nature of our professional legal representation of all our clients.